Image Dries Degrande holding camera in studio.

Hi there,

I am a freelance video maker and editor based in Antwerp, Belgium. At the age of 14, I got in touch with this sector. First I worked for the television sector and not much later I got the chance to film for festivals like Pukkelpop and Balaton Sound. Over the past seven years I became a well known videographer by a lot of artists, festivals and events around the world. Furthermore, I immersed myself in the corporate world by filming commercials for BMW and the property of Antwerp.

Creating attractive and creative videos for a range of of national and international clients across sectors, is my passion. Corporate videos, event aftermovies, music festivals, weddings, video clips,... We can do them all!

Customers are guaranteed on the best quality by shooting with my RED Digital Camera. It gives me the capacity to produce films up to 5k resolution. This means that you will receive a video that is five times better in quality than a standard full HD video.

My mission is to create unique video content that captures exciting moments and fits seamlessly with the clients’ wishes.

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