I'm a freelance content creator. I provide a large range of services, from one-man-band productions to the creation of full length and in-depth campaigns.

I am a passionate workaholic with a focus on creating impactful stories and unique content. I'm up-to-date with the latest technology and digital trends.

I think out of the box to tell your story, convey your message and visualize your creative content.

I create attractive and creative videos for a range of national and international clients across sectors. Music festivals, corporate weddings, business events, after movies, video clips, … We can do them all.

Customers are guaranteed on the best quality by shooting with my RED Digital Camera. It gives me the capacity to produce films up to 5k resolution. This means that you will receive a video that is five times better in quality than a standard full HD video.

My mission is to create unique video content that captures exciting moments and fits seamlessly with the clients wishes.

Got an idea? Let's talk.