• Freelance

      You can hire Dries Degrande as a freelance employee.

      He mostly does DOP/camerawork. But also works as a freelance editor, director, 2ac or Producer.

      He worked for production companies like Caviar, DBvideo,Blazhoffski, Jack and Charlie, FD Productions,Bitstream,CK Productions, Frame, Badbirds (the Netherlands), Phase Films (United Kingdom),...

    • Education:

      LUCA School of Arts, Narafi

      Professional Bachelor Audiovisal techniques

      Film, TV and Video

    • Some TV WORK references:

      FOUTE VRIENDEN SEASON 2 AND 3 (2BE), Dancing with the star online (VIER), Fuzz (JIM), Nour & Fatma (VTM KIDS), Crew on tour (AVS),…

    • Multicamera:

      Polé Polé on De Gentse Feesten (multiple years)

      Crammerock (multiple years)

      Appelpop (multiple years)

      Humo’s secret Sessions, Pukkelpop (multiple years)

      Volvo presentations

      Student Kick off Ghent



      Freelance Producer for Jack and Charlie

      Freelance 2AC for Caviar

      Freelance editor for Tomorrowland

      Freelance Data management for Caviar, Tomorrowland