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Video editing should be easy. We make it happen. Having a video edited... how does that work?

You can have a video edited in all shapes and sizes. With the advanced techniques of the programs I use, I can edit your videos specifically to your liking.

Do you want to get that long-winded piece out, adjust that blurry image, stabilize the image a bit, make the colors stand out a bit more? Everything is possible to create the highest possible quality.

I process all kinds of video files, from videos recorded with a phone to videos taken with a professional camera or phone

Editing your video is done in the following steps:

  • View your wishes.
  • Bringing or sending the visual material.
  • Analyze film material.
  • Spotting usable footage.
  • Edit image, titles and music to size with appropriate image transitions.
  • Add sound effects. Possibly color correction.
  • Upload and show the result.

And your memory has been turned into a true re-experience!

Dries Degrande editing videos on a laptop

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